Southern Kiss : The Saga of CP Lounge Cocktails

No.15 Jalan Wenara Wana Ubud

From Sunday, October 1 2023 until Tuesday, October 31 2023

Ladies, after hours of dedication, we proudly present 'Southern Kiss' as part of The Saga of CP Lounge Cocktails. 

A stunning cocktail that's strong, sweet, and as sophisticated as you are. Crafting the perfect whiskey cocktail for Ladies is a delicate dance, and our dedicated mixologists have masterfully orchestrated the symphony of flavors 

Southern Kiss' marries the boldness of Jack Daniels with the lush sweetness of Bols Peach Liquor, allured by the zesty embrace of freshly made organic lemon and cranberry juice. 

Ladies we dare you to try this "Kiss" 

Sip by sip, it caresses your taste buds like a lingering kiss, leaving you craving for more!  





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